Romania belongs to Europe not only in geographical terms, but also thanks to its one-of-a-kind cultural features. Standing at the confluence of the East and the West, being the sole Christian Orthodox nation among the Latin peoples, the sole Latin-rooted speaking people in the Orthodox East and a cultural “melting pot” in itself, Romania boasts a culture that carries a valuable historical legacy. The National Bank of Romania is definitely a part of this legacy and was one of the key drivers of modern Romania.

The global financial crisis has pushed central banks to broaden and heavily exploit their monetary toolkits as well as to find new instruments for the more delicate financial stability domain. One weapon in the arsenal, forward guidance, had be put to good use on the monetary policy field as central bankers strived to tame markets, buy time for reforms and persuade the public of the existence of a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Disclaimer este o platformă - forum pe care specialiştii din Banca Națională a României dezbat principalele evoluții macroeconomice și financiare locale și internaționale. Opiniile exprimate sunt strict personale, nu reflectă poziția oficială a Băncii Naționale a României și nu implică sau angajează în niciun fel această instituție.
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